Carried Away

I’ve been meaning to do some Raspberry Pi projects with my daughter for ages. We decided to get on and try getting a Pi to fly, recording video as it...

Proud to be British

Seeing this video of European cities displaying the Union Jack has really moved me to post a comment on this controversial topic I was mostly saying away from.

Let’s Encrypt Gitlab

Let’s Encrypt is now publicly providing free SSL certificates so I thought it would be a good time to get on and secure my Gitlab instance.

Material Theme for PhpStorm

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Material design. I defiantly think it gets over and incorrectly used. That said I am enjoying the new Material Theme for...

Happy Back to the Future day!

So October 21, 2015 has arrived. Flying cars? Hoverboards? Unfortunately we’re not quite there yet—however the lack of fax machines is not such a sad thing.

Building things

I decided last night that I am just going to get something done. That’s it … I decided. Of course I didn’t actualy do anything—except lay awake for half the...

Typewolf Cheatsheet

Quotes & apostrophes, dashes & hyphens, useful typographic characters and accents are all covered in @typewolf ‘s Typography Cheatsheet—along with answers to questions such as:

Simple, approachable, wonderful!

1988. Apple have already been taking over the world with the Apple II. This little machine that I got my hands on is a revision or two from the ground...

Here's To The Crazy Ones

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And...

The Source Sans Step

Web designers have been presented with two problems over the years; firstly the lack of choice to use anything more than Helvitica (or worse Arial) and Times New Roman for...


Looks like this could be a winning ORM for PHP You can using YAML to define the schema files and create the database from the classes. The thing that...

Pecl json extension

This just took me too long to figure out. I needed json_encode function, and it seems that the fedora yum repos. doesn’t have a very up-to-date version of php5. I...

Codeigniter 1.6.0

Lightweight PHP framework, Codeigniter releases 1.6. This release includes:

24 Ways—Underpants over my trousers

Good to see 24 Ways back for their third year. Andy Clarke of Stuff and Nonesense has written an article called Underpants Over My Trousers, where he talks about comic...

Not sucking at communication

I have been waiting for a chance to read the Lessons in not sucking series over at Church Marketing Sucks, I’m liking it so far, I may need to run...

Dock spacers

Check this out, want to bring a little organisation to your Dock? Add spacers with this command:

The seven rules of Unobtrusive JavaScript

Chris Heilmann, over at is doing a workshop at the Paris Web Conference on unobtrusive JavaScript and covering his “Seven rules of Unobtrusive JavaScript”

10 important lessons

Mark Baterson, Pastor of National Comminity Church in the States, posted a list of “The Ten Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Past Ten Years”. I rather like them:...

Calling properties dynamically in PHP

I often forget how useful curly brackets can be. For example from within a double quoted string you can do more than basic variable replacement.