I decided last night that I am just going to get something done. That’s it … I decided. Of course I didn’t actualy do anything—except lay awake for half the night thinking about what I could do, and sneezing.

Now I have a cold and a bad nights sleep, but I still feel determined to take the advice of all those blogs and podcasts I keep consuming and just build something.

I have a bunch of ideas (nine at last count) for businesses or products I could build. Whether any are viable, practicle, profitable or will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

My thanks to Jonnie Hallman for his work on cushionapp.com where he includes a journal of his development and a comprehenstive expenses page. His journey, openness and end product inspired me to revisit some of my ideas. Hopefuly will be making use of cushionapp.com for my daily work.